FlexShaft Machines and Accessories

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The Deluxe Handpiece

is a “a natural” accessory for the flexible shaft machine. Used for drilling, polishing, grinding, carving, and many other needs. It is heavy-duty, all ball-bearing, has quick detachable coupling, anodized finish. Furnished with a precision JACOBS 0-5/32” chuck and key. Also has a screw-on chuck guard. $70.00





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The Standard Handpiece

This handpiece is a lightweight, pencil type model. Uses collets instead of a three jaw chuck.

The slender design may be used in tight places.

Has Oilite self lubed bearings, sliding collet cover and chrome finish, QD coupling.

We supply this handpiece with three collets, (1/16”, 3/32”, and 1/8”).







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Improved Standard Handpiece

with double Ball Bearings and Duplex Spring connection. Extra flexible design with smooth long lasting ball bearings. Has QD connector and includes the three standard collets.







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Industrial Quality Heavy-Duty Foot Control

This fully electronic, heavy-duty speed control has extra capacity, a large pedal and a low profile for convenient and nontiring use. For use with the older 3:1 gear reduction motor.







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