NgraveR® Brand GRAVER KIT

  This kit contains a selection of the basic gravers for the beginning engraver. They are chosen from our wide selection as the ones most frequently ordered by our customers. Included are a No. 1 Diamond (single point), used for most plain borders. A No. 4 chisel for general design, scroll, and lettering and No. 15 Liner for shading, backgrounds and Florentine. The HSS M-2 Round Blank is included and may be ground to a variety of uses. Our copyrighted “Graver Tips” leaflet is also included in the kit.    $36.85

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CARBIDE GRAVERS .... at last! A good Carbide.

Carbide gravers have had a poor reputation because of an inherent brittleness and tendency to chip at the edges. This problem has been largely overcome with the introduction of micro-grained, super dense carbides. These are not surplus re-cycled lathe bits. They have been made to our specifications by a world leader in carbide technology, finish ground on four sides, designed especially for engraving, these gravers are .085" square, 2-1/2" long, and sharpened, ready to use. Fits all NgraveR and GRS tools as-is - no having to grind corners. For bright cutting these can't be beat. Must be sharpened on a diamond surface for best results. Sold singly or in our exclusive Six-Pack.

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COBALT GRAVERS - an economical choice.


High speed steel with 5% cobalt, these gravers are extremely hard and tough. We supply these finish ground on four sides .085" square by 2-1/2" long, sharpened and ready to use. Can be re-sharpened on oil stones, power hone, or with care on a grinding wheel. Buy singly or in the economical Six-Pack.



We are now packaging our premium Carbide and Cobalt gravers by the Six-Pack. Made from the best virgin stock and ground on all four sides. Not surplus or recycled lathe bits. These are made specifically for those tough engraving jobs. Fits all Ngraver and GRS tools. Stay sharp longer, great for bright-cutting. Sharpening TIPS included.

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All expressly designed to engrave steel, and all other metals!

No. 1 DIAMOND, 90 degree CUT

No. 2 CHISEL, NARROW (N) .040"
No. 3 CHISEL, STANDARD (S) .065"
No. 4 CHISEL, WIDE (W) .095"

No. 5 LINER, 200 lines per inch
No. 7* LINER, 133 lines per inch
No. 10 LINER, 100 lines per inch
No. 12*LINER, 80 lines per inch
No. 15 LINER, 65 lines per inch
No. 20*LINER, 50 lines per inch

All Chisels and Liners have 1/8" shanks and are supplied either Bent or Straight and in Three widths, please specify -
(N) Narrow; (S) Standard; and (W) Wide.

* Our No. 7,12, and 20 Liners also available in XTRA WIDE (1/8"). Add XWS (straight) or XWB (bent) to the liner wanted.
Available also is a 1/8" diameter Round Blank Graver of M2 HSS that can be shaped and sharpened as needed.
All NgraveR® Brand gravers fit all of our tools and handles.

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    Rotating Bur and Tool Holder

   This rotating graver holder holds up to 112 accessories. Although     advertised for large burs and tools, this holder keeps your chisels and   gravers organized and gives you more room on your bench. Holds 92 1/8”  shank gravers. And 13 ¼” shank tools. Has 7 marked holes for drill bits 1/16” to 5/32”. Measures 7” wide x 4” high. Rotates freely on a metal lazy susan with ball bearings. Gravers and tools not included. Made in USA. Price $17.50.


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We now stock a Deluxe Set of well finished and properly heat-treated to 58 Rc, wood carving chisels. For use with our MagnaGraver® II, the set contains five chisels; bent gouge, small straight gouge, small bent Vee, bent square, and a straight skew. Set also includes a special collet for MagnaGraver® II. For delicate work, bird carving, detail finishing on larger projects. Small chisels are 5/32" wide at tip, others are 5/16".

BURRS - Set of 8 Different Burrs
available as a kit or individually.

For the 350K2 , GRS, Paragrave, and SCM high-speed turbine handpieces, we stock the eight most popular burrs. We can supply, at standard prices, any of dozens of shapes and sizes of both carbide and diamond burrs. These will be special ordered and are available in 7-10 days.  1/16" shanks.

1, 3, 15, 15U, 17, 21, 21L, 23U

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