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Manufacturers and Distributors of Engraving Tools and Equipment



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In keeping with our motto, "fine engraving tools" we are pleased to announce the inclusion of this well known and respected engraving machine into our line of equipment. For the craftsman who chooses to go "Cadillac style", this is a logical choice. We supply this unit with six gravers*, a HSS round blank, plus a foot control. The impact rate can be set from 1600 to 2400 Impacts per minute. This portable self-contained unit weighs 40 pounds, and only needs to be plugged into a 110 volt outlet. (220 volt units available). A two year factory warranty assures you of satisfaction. Shipped prepaid to 48 States.

* (Onglette, square, two flat gravers, two liners)

Over $45.00 worth of gravers and liners are included free with each GraverMax or GraverMeister. 


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Set stones, carve, sculpt and decorate metal, and other materials with precise control and smooth, quiet performance with this engraving machine from GRS. The regulator is mounted on the front which makes it easy to adjust. Uses all the existing GraverMax handpieces. The handpiece hookups are now made with quick-connect fittings. Two handpieces can be connected to the GraverMach at the same time. Choose between them with a front mounted switch. Adjust stroke speed from 400-8000 impacts per minute. Comes with a foot control and five gravers (#2 straight, #4 straight, #10ss liner, #15ss liner, and a high speed steel round blank). The combination filter and water trap mounts either right on the machine or in a remote location for easy access. Order handpiece separately. Requires compressed air 1.4 cfm at 45 psi minimum. Two year factory warranty.  


901  HANDPIECE for GraverMach and GraverMax

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The 901 is capable of the full power range, from hairline shading cuts to hogging out backgrounds. The handle is of traditional shape for long-use comfort and may be radially positioned for left or right hand use. The full-range of available power is gained strictly through use of the foot control. Quick-change capability is standard with 6 tool holders included.


Monarch Handpiece

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The 921 Monarch is designed for ultra fine engraving such as bulino and banknote styles. Features adjustable side hose connection, stainless steel body with comfortable anodized aluminum handle. Includes six quick-change tool holders. $239.00


Magnum Handpiece

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The Magnum handpiece offers a versatile range of power, from very fine to heavy. Includes 6 quick-change tool holders. 


Complete Ultra 850 Rotary System

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The handpiece is an ultra high-speed miniature grinder. It has speeds between 300,000 and 400,000 RPM. 25 times faster than a flexible shaft grinder. At this high speed it can be used on glass, metal, wood, plastics, stone, ivory, jade, onyx, and cameos. Tool and die work, circuit board alterations, extremely fine detail work, fast stone removal. Many professional engravers use this handpiece to remove the background when doing relief work. There is NO faster method! The Complete Ultra 850 Rotary System includes Ultra 850 handpiece, stand, filter/regulator, pressure gauge, foot control, and hook-up hardware. Requires compressed air 1.3 cfm at 30-35 psi. 


GRS Ultra 850 High Speed Rotary Handpiece

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The Ultra 850 handpiece is available separately and can be connected directly to GraverMach, GraverMax or any regulated air supply. You always wanted to sign your name in glass - this is the way to do it. The bearings are permanently lubricated so no lubrication is necessary. Requires air 1.3 cfm at 30-35 psi. 


BURRS - Set of 8 Different Burrs
available as a kit or individually.

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For the 350K2 , GRS, Paragrave, and SCM high-speed turbine handpieces, we stock the eight most popular burrs. We can supply, at standard prices, any of dozens of shapes and sizes of both carbide and diamond burrs. These will be special ordered and are available in 7-10 days. $27.20

1, 3, 15, 15U, 17, 21, 21L, 23U

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