Just as the MagnaGraver speeds up engraving, so does the diamond power hone speed up shaping and sharpening of gravers. Will give a superior flat finish, and for those chisels needed for really great bright cutting, nothing else comes close! Will sharpen tool steels, high-speed, cobalt, and carbide chisels. This new design is smoother, quieter, more accurate and reversible for right or left-handed users. Tough steel housing is heavier and built for durability. The flat top of the hone provides an ideal platform for a Sharpening Fixture for fast accurate work. Even includes special built-in mounting holes to allow for the future addition of new sharpening fixtures. Or you can make your own special Power Hone adapters and mount them easily. This new Power Hone includes the Quick Wheel change adapter built in. This allows easy and fast wheel changes. Lift one wheel off - drop another wheel on. Now anyone can get quick and predictable results when sharpening chisels and liners. The continuous-duty motor and double-bearing spindle sharpen without heat at 240 rpm. Comes with a 600 grit 5” diameter lap wheel for general use. 11” x 5 ½” x 7” high, ½” spindle, 115 v., 12 lbs. Operation and maintenance instructions included. Made in U.S.A.         $609.00

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for Gravers

Fast and easy to use, gravers are held by a spring clamp fixed to a degree setting dial for predictable results every time. Has a side tilt feature for putting a slight angle on the face. For use with a power hone, square and flat gravers can be heeled at any angle. Instructions included.   $174.00

for Chisels and Liners

This finely machined, precision fixture has degree setting dials on both axis. Allowing you to set the elevation angle and rotation angle of each tool. Unique clamping device prevents the graver from shifting position and allows accurate, repeatable results every time. Each of the two calibrated degree rings are moveable relative to their housing so they can be finely adjusted by the user. The post and the slide collar are made of stainless steel for smooth operation. Instructions included on how to use this unique tool.   $315.00

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for power hone


Our laps are precision machined, balanced, and evenly coated with long-lasting, uniformly graded diamond grit. Available in 260- roughing, 600- general use, and 1200- finer finish. All 5" diameter ready to use.


For easily and quickly putting a super polish on the heel of your chisels. This is how professionals get those brilliant light-catching bright cuts, so essential to decorative engraving and to stone setting. This balanced 6" diameter wheel is charged with our 50,000 mesh Diamond Spray (see price list) to lightly coat the surface of the lap, for best results.   $305.00


Using these dressers can easily double and triple the life of your diamond lap wheels. This is done to a used wheel by wearing away some of the plating that the diamond grit is imbedded into, thereby exposing fresh diamond grit.


Maintains Good Cutting Edges

Being able to maintain constant and repeatable cutting tip angles is just impossible without the use of some type of sharpening fixture. The Crocker allows a graver to be set in three planes and to repeat this position each time the graver needs to be sharpened. A PRECISION TOOL, HEAVILY PLATED, FOR A LIFETIME OF USE.   $55.00


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