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How To Engrave     $55.00  VHS tapes,  $46.00 DVD

The professionally made video tapes by:
Don Glaser

covers engraving from A to Z. Four hours of instruction and information, includes info on layout, tools, inlays, lettering, scroll work, design, and a generous sampling of great engraving by Meek, Churchill, Alamo, Bone, Viramontez, Sherwood, Griebel, Swartley, and many other of our greatest engravers. A fine way to study. Set of two tapes.   Also available in DVD two disc set.  See price list.    

F.E.G.A. How-to Handbook      $25.00 fega_small.jpg (5288 bytes)

This 99 page text is a compilation of technical, artistic, methods and techniques from dozens of members of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America. This official F.E.G.A. publication will be invaluable for beginner or expert. Size 8x11, comes in a sturdy 3-ring binder. Covers design, inlays, layout, tools and equipment, tricks, schools, business tips, sources of supply. Second edition. Revised August 2006.

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The Techniques of


Gordon Turner


Here is a book on script lettering that details the shaded style of lettering almost exactly as the engraved letter must be cut and shaded in order to look proper. The upper case letters are shown in several styles each and there are many variations of lower case lettering. We recommend this text to be the best available on this subject. First published in 1915, now available in a forty-two page economical soft cover version.



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This textbook by Hardy and Bowman, originally published in 1954 is an excellent source of lettering instruction. Covers script, block, Old English, etc., as well as care and sharpening of gravers. The section on monograms is especially useful. Although pure hand engraving is stressed, the principles apply to all engraving. Soft cover, 143 pages, well illustrated.

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George Sherwood

This bound booklet contains many designs of European, English, and American origin. This well known Oregon engraver has compiled an interesting and educational document. Shows many actual engraved guns, student practice plates, outline drawings of popular guns that may be copied. Line drawings, smoke pulls, and sketches of supply, schools, and numerous books on the subject.

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James B. Meek


This wonderful text by James Meek has been the bible on engraving for many thousands of beginners and experts alike. First published in 1973, it is now in its 19th printing. Hard-bound 8-1/2" x 11", 208 pages, 1370 photos, designs, and illustrations, specially bound to lay flat. Subjects covered are tool selection, sharpening gravers, layout/design, scroll and lettering styles, inlaying, plus examples of work by Meek and other masters such as McKenzie, White, Prudhomme, Griebel, Warren, etc. Learn good from shoddy work, what to look for in style, technique, and mechanics. A must in any engravers library! This great book has been called the standard textbook by a generation of engravers.



Ron Smith


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This is the definitive book on scroll design by Master Engraver Ron Smith. This Texas artist has achieved national renown for his superb scroll, lifelike bulino, and scrimshaw. This comprehensive book on scroll design will be regarded as the bible on this important subject. Has 47 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", now in hardcover.

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Soft cover, 8"x11", 71 elaborate engravings on 47 pages, all different. It has been called the "Scroll Bible". Shows shade technique to the Nth degree. Heavy paper, secure binding that will not crack or split. A good reference book.

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Florid Victorian Ornament by Karl Klimsch

This 8” x 11” soft-cover book contains over 700 motifs, from basic single-line borders, scrolls and leaves, to extremely ornate scroll and decorative floral designs. This 19th century classic by Karl Klimsch has never been equaled. 102 pages. Price $12.95.


The NgraveR® Way

Ray J. Phillips


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This 26 page booklet, bound to lay flat, is 8-1/2" x 11" in size and has over 200 drawings. Includes details on tools and sharpening, design, inlays, layout, borders, lettering, back-grounds, styles/types of engraving, suppliers, etc. This is a re-print of a six-month series of magazine articles by the inventor of the MagnaGraver®. The easy-to-understand style has the important beginning steps of learning to engrave. While aimed at users of NgraveR® Brand tools, it has the tips, tricks, and techniques of use to all engravers, from novice to the expert, and in all metals. Now in the fourth printing.



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