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GRS Deluxe Small Block   $525.00

We are proud to offer the World's finest engravers block. Competitively priced with the imports, this block is Made in USA, machined from solid steel bar stock, NOT cast iron. Has built-in friction drag, infinitely and quickly adjustable from zero to full-lock. Non-Glare finish! Black oxided jaws and satin-nickeled crown and base for reduced eye strain. Precision fit, no loose or sloppy fitting parts. Weighing 19 pounds, 100% made in the USA. The jaws open a full 3 inches on the over 5" diameter base. Sits on a rubber ring with nylon inserts for easy adjustment. The crown turns smoothly on the ball bearing shaft. Comes ready to use with 4 pins and key. The familiar 30 piece accessory set is also available.                  With the 30 piece accessory set-$617.00



Here is the answer to the craftsman who feels the need for a really heavy duty engravers block. This 28-1/2 pound MagnaBlock is the heaviest production block currently available. Finished with a satin, non-glare industrial chrome plate and 3" jaws with a 3-1/2" opening. Ball diameter is 5-3/4" A masterpiece of precision machining, this block has both radial and thrust bearings. Also an adjustable pivot brake to control rotational friction, If you do heavy-cut engraving, deep background removal, chipping or chasing on heavy-gauge metal, this block is a joy to work on. Comes with black oxided jaws, one fixed, one pivoting, a nylon buttoned base ring, 4 holding pins and a jaw key.

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A versatile 30 piece set, specifically designed for the Deluxe Small Block and the MagnaBlock. Included are 4 ball head pins, 4 short & 4 tall cushioned pins, 4 flat & 2 double pin hold downs, 4 flat-sided pins, 2 leather faced clamps, and a self adjusting jaw for non-parallel work places. All set into a neatly finished wood block with extra holes for the pins that are furnished with the blocks.

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