Want Real Comfort? Try These - Feather-lite model, less than 2.5 oz, has quick adjustable, lined headband with adjustable lensplate as shown. Choose either the 14" (1-3/4X) or the 8" (2-1/4X) focal length.

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                                                                    magnafocus.jpg (5951 bytes) MAGNIFOCUS

High-impact, light weight plastic with flip-up lens holder, and deluxe fully adjustable, lined headband, makes these a BEST BUY. Only 4-1/2 ounces, you can comfortably wear these hour after hour. Choose either the 14" (1-3/4X) or 8" (2-1/4X) focal length.


MONEY CLIPS Singly or by the dozen

Our money clips are made from virgin, half-hard, spring tempered, jewelry grade nickle silver. These are the same money clips that we demonstrate with at trade shows. One inch wide, ready for texturing or polishing, and engraving. Nice to practice on, make neat gifts, stocking stuffers, or to sell at craft shows and flea markets.


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This Ear Ring kit comes with two 3/4" sterling silver discs and two sterling wires for pierced ears. The discs have pre-punched holes for the wires. Also comes with some design suggestions



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