While this style of background has been used for over 100 years, and because most engravers would make their own, they were not of uniform size. The only commercial ones available were jewelers beading punches in 1/8" or 3mm diameter and are designed for stone setters working in soft metals. Ours are tool steel, heavy 1/4" shank, easy to hold, with long tapered nose for accurate placement, and heat treated to R60C hardness, and the only ones available specifically designed for use on steel, or any other metal. Made in four sizes, .010", .015", .020", .030", they fill the need for all background coverage. Package of 3 includes a No.1-.010"; No.2-.020"; and No.3-.030". The No.15-.015" and Nos. 1,2, and 3 are available singly.

These are the best; accept nothing less!                  Dot punches are out of stock


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This electric etching tool with built-in 5 speed selector, gives a choice of 5 impact rates. We find it ideal for background matting of engraved designs. It is easy to use, gives fast and even coverage. Also for anti-glare matting on receiver tops, sight ramps, ribs, the sighting plane of revolvers and pistols. We also recommend our etching tool to put permanent ID markings on tools, Hi-Fi equipment, photo equipment, appliances, sporting items, or any thing of value. It proves ownership and helps discourage theft. The etcher comes with a replaceable Carbide Point. We carry replacement Carbide and super hard Diamond Points.

MattMaster KIT with FAST-MATT Cutter

This tool is the answer to the tedious process of matting backgrounds, or other surfaces. The matting will make an engraved design stand out better, and when Antique Finish is applied, the engraving appears to have depth. The Kit includes the above Etching Tool and our FAST-MATT Cutter, with instructions. This cutter speeds up the matting process and produces an even textured surface. This is sometimes called a florentine type finish. If you already have the etching tool, you may order the FAST MATT Cutter only.

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This two solution non-oxiding kit, is what the pros use to achieve that dull background look that will make the highlights of the design stand out so well. The background solution is first applied, let set a few minutes, then wiped over lightly with the Aul solver. This will leave the high spots bright and gives the popular oxidized look to the background. Needs no further treatment, wears very well. Also used to "fill" engraving lines to make them appear more apparent.

Out of stock               INEXPENSIVE, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY


Trademarks, Logos, Signature, Name Stamps, Caliber marking, etc. We offer a custom service in supplying trademark or logo stamps. These can be your design or we can help you create a special stamp to add a professional touch and distinguish your hard work or product. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a prompt quote. After we receive your order, any stamp can be delivered within two weeks. Our stamps are carefully hand-made, not a headed type. They cut clean, sharp impressions, are properly heat treated and will give thousands of strikes. Our stamps are used by gunsmiths, knifemakers, jewelers, metal workers, leather craftsmen, woodcarvers, anyone needing a fine, durable custom steel stamp.

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STAMP YOUR NAME, CALIBER, NUMBERS, ETC., ON ALL MATERIALS EXCEPT HARDENED STEEL 1/16" size character, carefully manufactured and heat treated from selected tool steels.

1 to 4 figures Size 1

5 to 8 figures Size 2

9 to 12 figures Size 3

NOTE: Periods, commas, spaces, hyphens, slashes, quote marks, etc., count as one figure each.


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is counted as 10 figures. Prices listed are for upper case semi-condensed Gothic letters. Any variation in size or style is an extra charge. (please refer to our Price List)


These elastomeric bonded abrasives come in two grits, Coarse and Fine. Are used for surface prep, inlay blending; rust, blemish, and burr removal and satin finishing. Can be used on all metals, plastics, wood, compositions, ivory, micartas, ceramics, hard-rubber, porcelains, etc. Sold as a pair, one Coarse, one Fine grade. Each is approximately 3/4" x 3/4" x 3" long. Also available singly.  $3.75 each... set of 1 each $7.25

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DIAMOND PASTE, for the ultimate polish.

Supplied in a 5 gram syringe in 50,000 and 100,000 mesh, this paste will put the ultimate polish on the chisel. May be used with simple hand-sharpening equipment or on the power hone. The ceramic lap treatment followed by use of the 100,000 mesh paste on a leather bench strap will produce mirror-like bright-cutting. Specify 50,000 or 100,000 mesh.

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