Professional Chasing Hammers

THIS CHASING HAMMER IS THE SAME ONE THAT HAS BEEN USED BY GENERATIONS OF PROFESSIONAL ENGRAVERS. Unlike some imports, the head is correctly shaped and properly heat-treated for a lifetime of service. Supplied with a well-fitted handle and with 1-1/8" diameter face.  $48.00

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GRS Chasing Hammer

This hammer with 1” diameter face is slightly smaller than the German hammer above.      $50.00


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No. 1 Wood handles, lightweight, with 1/8" collet type chuck    $8.00

No. 2 Heavy-duty, solid steel shank extends thru the composition handle. Can be pushed or used with a hammer    $11.50

No. 3 Solid steel, Belgium style, 6" long,  holder for use with a hammer. Supplied with Allen key $8.00

All handles use 1/8" round and .085" square shanked gravers.


Why? Because the points are quickly replaceable. And inexpensive too! So you needn't waste time sharpening them. Comes with four spare points in the hollow handle. We have found this to be the ideal scriber for light delicate lines, also for scrimshaw work. Replacement points, pkg. of 12, available.  $5.75

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