The NgraveR® Brand ScrollMaster® Kit

This Template Kit can teach anyone the basics of scroll design. Even if you can now draw scrolls, our kit will speed up your layout work beyond belief. The three templates have over twenty scroll sizes and dozens of inner and outer elements, or leaves. Hundreds of possible combinations can fill any shape pattern. Comes with complete instructions, fine-line mechanical pencil and a fine line pen. A superb teaching system for beginners, a real timesaver for pros. Templates are 5"x8" plastic, transparent, lets you see a complete design as it's being developed. The designs are applied directly to the work piece, or to a pattern sheet, and then transferred onto the workpiece. Templates are available singly, Pen and Pencil are also available separately.        $34.50

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Better than Chinese White

Both amateur and professional engravers find this simple to apply, fast drying fluid to be the quick and easy way to whiten a surface prior to layout. Allows use of a scriber, pen or pencil, carbon paper, crayon, or other means to layout the design or pattern. Our Layout Compound is resistant to oil, water, perspiration or handling but is readily removable with most solvents. Comes in convenient dropper squeeze bottle. Use sparingly, a drop on the surface is spread thinly with a pipe cleaner. A few minutes to dry and the surface is ready for design layout.     $3.50


These unusual pencils will write on almost any clean and dry surface. Nonabrasive, wipes off with rubbing motion. May be sharpened to a fine point in a pencil sharpener or with a knife blade. Comes in blue and white colors. Supplied in a 4-pack, 2 white, 2 blue.    $2.50

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When metal cuts metal a little lube at the cutting edge extends tool life, does a better job, faster, easier. For ease of use, place a cotton ball in a bottle cap. Wet the cotton with Graver Lube and touch the graver tip to the wet cotton frequently. A PROFESSIONAL TRICK THAT REALLY WORKS! One ounce dropper bottle.    $3.50

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